Tidy Dog Pet Salon Grooming:

Our Tidy Dog Pet Salon Grooming is all inclusive, and includes a Tidy Bath, followed by the cut and style of your choice.

We offer clipping and/or hand scissoring to create the special look you want for your pet. The body and legs are clipped to the desired length and de-shedding is included. If your dog’s fur has a lot of matting, there may be a nominal extra charge for the time needed to properly brush or cut that out. Your pet’s face, ears, head and tail are styled and cut to your specific wishes.

Our expert groomers also offer breed specific cuts to meet the breed standard as set by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for show dogs.

Pricing is based on dog’s size, coat, style and the time estimated to properly attend to your pet’s needs. While we are happy to give out price ranges over the phone, we cannot provide exact pricing until we have access to your pet for examination.

As an extra convenience, we can call or text you when your pet is ready for pickup. Or, we can arrange a pickup time when you arrive for your appointment. We do our best to meet your scheduling needs.

Add-ons: Add-ons are priced in addition to any regular service prices! Some Add-ons are required for certain situations.

Dematting charges – start at $5 per ten minutes that it takes to demat the pet.

If dematting is required on your pet the additional fee will be added to the regular service charge. If the dematting is extreme the groomer will call to consult you on the prices and your options. On some pets we do not recommend dematting depending on the density of the matting the places that it is matted and the temperament of the pet. Not all pets can tolerate being dematted. It is not the most pleasant feeling and can cause some pets to become aggressive or unable to handle.

Pre-Shave Base Fees – Fees are subject to change depending on amount of matting, coat type, length, and texture.

$10 Small

$15 Medium

$20 Large


If dematting is not an option because you choose not to or because the matting is substantial, we will add on a pre-shave fee. A pre-shave will be given before the bath to shave the mats out of the coat. This is a much better option for pets that can not tolerate dematting or if the matting is to the point that it will not be able to be brushed out without causing stress or pain to the pet.

Handling Fee – Prices start at $5 and are subject to change due to temperament of the pet and/or any extenuating circumstances

We take pride in being able to groom most pets! However, if they are extremely difficult, hard to handle, or need the use of several staff there may be a handling fee added to the regular service price.

Hand stripping prices – Prices start at $20 every thirty minutes and are subject to change depending on coat length and texture.

Hand Stripping is a process where the coat is removed by the root by hand. This process allows a new coat to grow instead of just taking out the top dead coat. Hand stripping is done on coats where the bottom coat is soft textured, and the topcoat is a wiry texture. Wire coats gets thicker and darker as they grow out, by stripping the coat you allow room for new growth this allows for a brighter, healthier, more textured coat. This type of grooming is a process and will require stripping the coat several times to get the right layering of the coat which can take a bit more time than a typical clipper groom.

Clean Feet Prices

  • $10 Small
  • $15 Large

Clean Feet (aka Poodle Feet) is where we shave the foot as close as possible. There are many benefits of clean feet from cleanliness to health benefits. It takes extra time and extra skill to get those dainty feet perfect!

Poodle Bracelets Prices

  • $10 Small
  • $15 Large

Poodle Bracelets (aka Pom Poms) which are the little balls on the legs! So very cute!

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