Bring your dog to Tidy Dog Pet Salon for our full-service bathing and expert grooming – they will love being lavished with love and attention, and they will be happier and healthier at the end of the day. We lovingly care for all breeds of dogs – and other pets, too! Our services are all inclusive, with reasonable prices based on your pet’s breed, size, condition and density of coat, any special needs and desired style.

All full-service grooms start with a visual check for fleas and skin condition, followed by a Tidy Bath.

A Tidy Bath includes:

  • Ears Cleaned
  • Breath Freshening Gum Massage
  • Nails Clipped
  • Anal Gland Expressed, If Needed
  • Deep Cleaning Bath (Minimum 2 Shampoos)
  • Brush-out
  • Light Dematting And Thinning as Applicable, and
  • Full Dry – By Hand, Not Crate.

Add-ons: Add-ons are priced in addition to any regular service prices! Some Add-ons are required for certain situations.

Dematting charges – start at $5 per ten minutes that it takes to demat the pet.

If dematting is required on your pet the additional fee will be added to the regular service charge. If the dematting is extreme the groomer will call to consult you on the prices and your options. On some pets we do not recommend dematting depending on the density of the matting the places that it is matted and the temperament of the pet. Not all pets can tolerate being dematted. It is not the most pleasant feeling and can cause some pets to become aggressive or unable to handle.

De-skunk Prices – Prices are subject to change depending on coat length, type, and texture

  • $20 Small
  • $30 Large

De-skunk baths are available for your pet that has been skunked. Skunks secrete an oil when they spray, this oil soaks into the fur and skin. Sometimes it may take more than one de-skunk treatment to fulling de-skunk your pet. The product we use is all natural and easy on the skin.

Flea Bath Prices – Prices subject to change depending on level of infestation

  • $15 Small
  • $20 Large

If your pet has fleas or ticks, we will give your pet an all-natural flea bath and allow them to soak until the parasites have perished.

Handling Fee – Prices start at $5 and are subject to change due to temperament of the pet and/or any of extenuating circumstances

We take pride in being able to groom most pets! However, if they are extremely difficult, hard to handle, or need the use of several staff there may be a handling fee added to the regular service price.

Teeth Brushing Price

  • $15

We can brush your dogs’ teeth for you! We use special natural canine specific toothpaste that taste like chicken! Not all dogs enjoy getting their teeth brushed but they all love the taste! We will provide your pet with a thorough cleaning and inspection followed up by a breath freshening gum massage.

Nail Painting

  • $15 Small
  • $20 Large

Pedicure Price

  • $15

Pedicure is a paw soak that deep cleans and moisturizes your pets’ feet! Did you know that dogs only sweat from their nose and paw pads! This soak will help pull all the dirt, oil, and chemicals out of your pets pads and re-moisturize the pads!

Thera-Clean Prices

  • $25 Small
  • $35 Medium
  • $45 Large
  • $55 Extra Large

Thera-Clean Micro-bubble Therapy is a process of soaking your pet in a warm all-natural cleansing micro-bubble bath to deep clean the skin. The process helps with mild to chronic skin ailments by removing dirt, oil, yeast and other contaminants deep in the skin. The micro-bubbles gently pull the contaminants from the skin while the pets get a warm bubble massage.

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