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VIDEO: Adorable Dog Can’t Hide Her Joy Seeing Homeless Man Who Visits Her Each Day

Dogs are literally God’s example of unconditional love in our physical world….

K9 Flu

Canine flu is getting around. It mimics symptoms much like flu for people. There are reported cases in bordering states. It hasn’t been reported in Tennessee as of yet but I figure it’s just a matter of time before it hits home. A visit to your local vet will eradicate flu. There are also some […]

Food and Diet!! SO important!

Hi pet lovers!! The longer we’ve been in business one thing remains…dog health issues linked to their diets. I know it’s not Sunday. ..but I’m gonna preach! After losing my beloved golden retrievers to bone cancers & tumors I’ve learned a hard & horrible lesson. Go GRAIN FREE! Dogs are NOT built to eat corn. […]

Approved Animal Behavior College Training Salon

We have been approved as a training & teaching facility for Animal Behavior College pet professionals.

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