About that new mystery respiratory illness impacting dogs

While the illness hasn’t been identified yet, it is affecting dogs. Executive Director of the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab Kevin Snekvik, whose facility has been researching the condition, described the illness’s symptoms in an interview with KIRO7. “Your dog will run a fever and they won’t feel good,” Snekvik said. “They’ll become lethargic, meaning […]

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h/t: Dog Lovers Club

VIDEO: Adorable Dog Can’t Hide Her Joy Seeing Homeless Man Who Visits Her Each Day

Dogs are literally God’s example of unconditional love in our physical world…. https://www.theepochtimes.com/video-adorable-dog-cant-hide-her-joy-seeing-homeless-man-who-visits-her-each-day_4207385.html

Meet Cally, a rescue Husky who just got a “makeover” at Tidy Dog Pet Salon.

Having been abused after being a long term target of water balloons, she was not at all comfortable with her bath but managed to get through it. With a good blow dry, brush out, and silhouette trim doesn’t she look fantastic? We have a special affinity for abused dogs and even offer a “First Rescue” […]