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Canine flu is getting around. It mimics symptoms much like flu for people. There are reported cases in bordering states. It hasn’t been reported in Tennessee as of yet but I figure it’s just a matter of time before it hits home. A visit to your local vet will eradicate flu. There are also some holistic options available. A holistic vet also has great options! I like a mix of both holistic & conventional opinions! We hope you & your pets stay healthy and happy!


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Food and Diet!! SO important!

h/t: daves-dogs.com

Hi pet lovers!! The longer we’ve been in business one thing remains…dog health issues linked to their diets. I know it’s not Sunday. ..but I’m gonna preach!

After losing my beloved golden retrievers to bone cancers & tumors I’ve learned a hard & horrible lesson. Go GRAIN FREE! Dogs are NOT built to eat corn. Corn is a cheap filler. It turns to sugar in humans & canines. Sugar does horrible things to dog’s brains and bodies. The “by-products ” in pet food are downed shelter/zoo animals, road kill, infected/diseased body parts, feces etc. Poisonous chemicals are added to make it smell & taste palatable to the dog. As we all know, dogs don’t cannibalize each other. Also there are traces of the chemical phenobarbital in the food because it’s used to put down the animals. It doesn’t get processed out of the food.

So you are slowly killing your pet & shutting down vital organs over time.

In England goldens live to be at least 20 yrs old!! I found they feed more raw diets. They make homemade meals. In the U.S. goldens only live to 12-13 yrs. old. I figured it’s worth me studying since these subjects go hand in hand. I don’t want another pet to go through what my pets went through. It DOES matter what you feed your dog. They can’t process certain foods. They have shorter intestinal systems.

Corn is hard even for people to digest. Yet it’s the first ingredient you see on the list of ingredients. Corn gluten…corn meal…ground corn etc. It will bring on ALLERGIES. ..yeasty skin….ear infections. ..hip dysplasia…the list is endless! We see this every week.

The pet owners who heed the advice will testify to the wonderful and obvious changes from dietary changes. A noticeably lower vet bill is also a big plus!

Raw diet is best…the dog has bacteria that enables them to digest a healthier raw diet. Raw diets are prepared cold pressed which also kills bad bacteria. Being ancestors of wolves they are built carnivores. Few vegetables and grains needed. Dark greens mixed in with powerful sweet potatoes do wonders!

There are many raw recipes online.

Baked kibble also takes out a lot of the water dogs need. They compensate by drinking sometimes too much, too fast. There are studies showing this may contribute to “bloat” in medium to larger breeds. Bloat is horrible and painful to dogs and in fact took out 2 of my dogs.

I wish I knew then what I know now. Yet I’m still always learning. So please examine carefully what you’re feeding your dog… it may save their lives! YouTube has undercover videos regarding the dirty truth about “dog food”. They are graphic (not for kids). Do the research folks!


Dog Food and Diet!! SO important!

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